Police: Driver suspected of hitting cars on purpose on South side, 12 hospitalized

Police say the driver who caused a major accident on the South side Tuesday afternoon is suspected of hitting cars on purpose.

Officers were dispatched to SW Military and Bynum Avenue at about 3 p.m. for reports of a major accident and multiple minor accidents.

Police say the driver of a silver truck was driving erratically and possibly more than 10 vehicles were involved. Officers are investigating reports that the driver struck some vehicles on purpose. The driver, only identified as a man, was seriously injured and was transported to the hospital.

One of the vehicles involved was a Suburban that crashed near a bridge on SW Military. Police said children were inside the SUV and “a couple of those individuals” were ejected.

Firefighters said 12 people were injured and transported to various hospitals. Of the twelve, five were adults and 7 were children. Two of the adults and two of the children were transported Priority 1 (serious condition).

The reason as to why the driver was driving erratically remains under investigation.

Areas around SW Military and Bynum will be shut down until further notice.

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