Private Sector Retirees To Receive Pensions on August 28

Rabat – Retirees from the private sector will receive their pensions in advance of Eid Al Adha, which is due to take place on September 1.

The Caisse Interprofessionnelle Marocaine de Retraite (CIMR) announced in a communique published today that “it will proceed on the occasion of Eid Al Adha to the payment of August’s pensions this Monday, August 28, instead of September 1.”

“It is in a spirit of solidarity that the CIMR decided this year exceptionally to advance the payment of pensions to all of its beneficiaries,” reads the statement.

“This measure was taken by the CIMR on the occasion of Eid Al Adha in order to allow its recipients and their families to spend the feast of the sacrifice under good conditions and relieve them from the heavy burdens that weigh on them during this period.”

The CIMR, founded in 1949, is a mutual retirement company whose mission is to promote a sustainable, balanced, and supportive pension scheme guaranteeing beneficiaries a fair pension as part of effective and quality management. The CIMR is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly of the members.

By 2016, the CIMR had 6,276 member companies, 615,934 active contributors and 164,435 beneficiaries. The total amount of technical products of the CIMR amounted to MAD 7,719 million and the total of the pensions provided was MAD 3,780 million.

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