Rainy start to the school holidays – but what about the rest of summer?

The school holidays are just beginning and predictably, it is grim up North.

Rain, rain and… some more rain, is all on the horizon for the first few days of summer as the kids are hopeful they will be able to head to the park for long sunny evenings.

Met Office forecasters have predicted drizzle for the rest of Friday, with it getting heavier around 5pm with a small break about 6pm and then thick black clouds for the rest of the evening.

Temperatures will peak at 18C, but it will feel a much cooler 13C, but will remain very humid with little breeze through the afternoon.

Following that we have had a look ahead at what is in store and whether camping will be a washout or if it will be barbecue weather all summer long.

Saturday, July 22

New Brighton beach and Fort Perch Rock in the sunshine

It will continue to rain in the early hours of Saturday but will quickly dry up as we move into the morning, just in time for the sunrise and a very dry and bright day. Perfect BBQ weather.

Highest temperature: 20C at 3pm

Chance of rain: 5%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: South easterly winds of around 6mph

Sunday, July 23

Change in the weather taking shelter as the rain comes down in Liverpool.

All the sunshine of Saturday melts away and the potential for thundery showers. The Met Office predict it will be largley overcast for the whole day with possible breaks on the clouds between 4pm and 9pm.

Highest temperature: 18C at 1pm

Chance of rain: 30%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: Westerly winds of around 10mph

Monday, July 24

Enjoying the sunshine, roses and water fountain in Port Sunlight

The sun is back after a day of rain and will push through the clouds in the morning to make way for clear blue skies in the afternoon.

Highest temperature: 19C at 4pm

Chance of rain: 5%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: North westerly winds of around 13mph

Tuesday, July 25

As the sun begins to set, it dips behind clouds – creating a beautiful silhouette over Merseyside.

Another warm day for Merseyside, but with an overcast start. The sun will start appearing through the clouds around 1pm and then have some very sunny spells into the early evening.

Highest temperature: 17C at 4pm

Chance of rain: 5%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: North westerly winds of around 11mph

Wednesday, July 26

Tropical weather is brewing over Liverpool’s city centre

Cloud with overshadow Wednesday and it will be warmer than the previous days of the week making it feel very humid. Rain id forecast for around 4pm and will continue into the evening.

Highest temperature: 19C at 1pm

Chance of rain: 50%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: Southern winds of around 10mph

Thursday, July 27

Sunset at Southport Pier and beach

The rain will dry up over night and the sun will break through the clouds when it rises about 5am. It will be a warm and windy day with blue skies set to appear by 7pm.

Highest temperature: 17C at 4pm

Chance of rain: 10%

Highest UV point: 1pm

Wind speeds: Westerly winds of around 15mph

From Friday, July 28 to Friday 4 August

Liverpool Three Graces waterfront Liver Buildings, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool building as the sun sets on the Pier Head

Generally unsettled throughout the remainder of July and into the start of August with spells of rain and strong winds crossing the country from west to east.

The rain will be heavy at times, particularly in the northwest and here there is also the chance of gales at times too.

In between there will be some drier and brighter spells, however there will be also be a scattering of heavy showers, again these most frequent and heaviest in the northwest.

The chance of any longer drier and more settled spells is limited and only the southeast of the country is likely to be drier overall.

On the whole temperatures will be close to or slightly below normal for the time of year, with the coolest temperatures likely in the west.

Saturday, August 5 to Saturday August 19

The sun begins to set over the ground as the goalkeepers warm up before the Premier League match at Anfield, Liverpool. Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

There is low confidence in the forecast during August.

At first we are likely to see a continuation of changeable weather with further showers or longer spells of rain, accompanied by some spells of stronger winds.

Southern and eastern parts will perhaps become drier and more settled at times.

However, after a rather cool start to the month, temperatures are likely to recover and become closer to average or slightly above as we head through the month.

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