Raw video: Cars swerve as out of control truck careens over centre line before slamming into Melbourne property | 1 NEWS NOW


An out-of-control truck veered over several lanes of a busy Melbourne road before crashing into a home’s backyard pool in spectacular fashion.

The truck driver had reportedly blacked out in this incredible footage that was leaked to Australia’s 3AW radio station.
Source: YouTube/ 3AWRadio

Dashcam footage of last Saturday’s incident was leaked to Australian radio station 3AW today.

The video shows cars swerving to avoid the massive truck as it ploughs down the wrong side of the road, smashing through a power-pole and a fence, before ending up crashing into a home’s backyard pool.

Apparently the truck driver, aged in his 40s, suffered a coughing fit and blacked out before the incident according to reports from 3AW.

“As usual, the truckie has got the blame,” 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell said on his show.

“But today I want to stand up for him.

“The footage shows he wasn’t speeding, and you can tell the truck basically does not have a driver as it slowly veers across the busy road into the house.”

Amazingly no one was seriously injured in the incident, the truck driver escaping with just a black eye.


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