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Visakhapatnam, Jul 30 (PTI) Experts in the field of Nephrology have said that a research institute should be set up either in Uddanam region or in Srikakulam district to find out the exact cause of the prevalent chronic kidney disease.

Several cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) known as Uddanam Nephropathy have been reported in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, particularly in Uddanam region, in the last 10-years.

Joseph V Bonventre of Harvard Medical School (HMS), along with Venkata Sabbisetti of HMS and few other experts today visited parts of Uddanam region to take stock of the ground situation.

“As far as kidney ailments in the Uddanam region are considered several theories such as heavy metals in water, high usage of pesticides, silica in water, prolonged dehydration, heat stress nephropathy, genetically predisposed to developing kidney disease and few others have been considered.

“But, it is not so easy to come to a final conclusion without comprehensive study of the issue. We are learning and studying the prevalence of the disease and suggested to set up a world class research institute,” said Bonventre speaking at the Symposium on Uddanam Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) organised by Jana Sena Party (JSP) here in Vizag.

Sabbisetti, a renowned instructor in medicine, said they will continue their study on the CKD in Uddanam region to find out the exact reason if the government funded and set up the world class research institute.

“We will suggest to the Andhra Pradesh government the need to set up an institute and we will have to do a lot of research and also study multiple dimensions to establish the cause of kidney disease in Uddanam region,” Sabbisetti said.

Dr NTR University of Health Sciences vice-chancellor Dr T Ravi Raju said the prevalence of CKD is high in Uddanam region when compared to Goa, Odisha, Sri Lanka and few other countries.

In Uddanam region the prevalence of the disease was around 15 per cent where as in other regions in the country and around the globe it was around 5 to 7 per cent, Raju added.

Actor turned politician and chief of Jana Sena Party (JSP) Pawan Kalyan said the health crisis in Uddanam needs immediate attention.

“I tell others dont politicise, dont divert the Uddanam issue in the name of politics. I want to find a solution for the Uddanam issue,” Pawan said.

Kidney disease in Uddanam region has officially claimed more than 4,500 lives in the past one decade and an over 35,000 people in the region are presently suffering from the serious ailment, Pawan added. PTI COR RMT

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