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After reading the article about how the General Assembly in Harrisburg wants to freeze spending and Gov. Wolf will not sign it, I believe it is time to balance the budget on the pensions of state workers, teachers and administrators. It’s about time that they start giving back just like everyone else has. If pension reform is not an option, it will eventually go broke which would eliminate the problem.

This is for Hawaiian Punch Party. You’re a funny guy talking about an election being stolen. You must be talking about Hillary who stole it from Bernie on the campaign trail. That was totally rigged on the campaign. She had all the electoral votes already in her pocket. Poor Bernie never had a chance and that’s been proven. It was on the news all over the place.


Wolf can’t find money for Pennsylvania teachers, public employees and politicians’ pension plans. In 2008 all the seniors and other people’s savings, 401(k), other stocks and IRAs took a beating, a lot lost half of their savings. Why were the teachers, public employees and politicians guaranteed by Pennsylvania taxpayers? Call Wolf and your politicians. Like Detroit we should file bankruptcy. Bankrupt all these pensions before all the seniors have to go bankrupt.

D. Matta

After seeing and listening to what Trump had to say the man is totally disgusting. He is a liar and two faced.



Six out of 10 voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin say they feel embarrassed by Trump’s conduct as president according to three surveys. That’s a USA Today survey.

Jay Miller

Read where candidates Ryan Costello and Chrissy Houlahan raised over $1 million for their campaign. Do they have to keep a record how this money is being spent? The public would sure like to know. Could use some help with my property taxes if you have any extra.

The Confederate monuments were not erected in the years right after the Civil War but around the turn of the 20th century when the Jim Crow system of state-enforced racial oppression was being established. They symbolize not history but the defiance of history. They celebrate not defeat on the battlefield but victory in putting African Americans back in their place. However Trump uses this to tell his white base that they are being disrespected.

Clark S. Kent

The Philadelphia soda tax has shown that it affects the poor people of Philadelphia because, one, they don’t have the money to travel and, two, tourists don’t have a choice. It might help but it’s a bigger hindrance than it is helpful. A new cruise line coming out of Philadelphia would be a major benefit.

These protesters want these statues taken down because Washington, Jefferson, this guy and that guy had slaves way back when. Then should we change the name of Pottstown because John Potts had slaves? When I took a tour of the Pottsgrove Mansion 20 years ago the person giving the tour showed us the room where the slaves slept.

I see again where Mark Furlong attacks the Democrats and tries to throw everything on the Democrats. What I can’t figure out from Mark is if you look at this state and you look at the country as it is right now, both being run by Republican majorities, I don’t see where anything is being fixed by the Republicans either. I think the whole problem is if you can’t work together then you’re not going to get anything done.

There is so much trouble between the black and the white. We are all the same in God’s eyes. Many slaves were owned by black people. Let’s get together and get along.


I think the Civil War history is being written out of our history books with the demand that all these statues be taken down and destroyed. This is absolutely crazy. Our young people will never learn what happened in our country during the Civil War.

It has been said many years ago I think by Russia that our country will be destroyed from within. Well folks we are on the way.

Every American should read the book “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. It’s exactly what’s happening in our country today and there are so many people that are involved and behind this.

I want to thank the person or persons that bought our lunch at Friendly’s on Saturday. It was very very kind and greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

Decorations and props at parties are private property, not things you can take home. If you asked, I would tell you where to get it or I might even give it to you. Don’t just take it, that’s stealing.

I am surprised PETA isn’t up in arms for all the statues being torn down. Now where will all the pigeons roost and poop?

Jim Fitch

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