SDCC Announcement: Bob’s Burgers is Giving a Holiday Gift This Year

Bob’s Burgers continues to give its audience what it wants. The holiday episodes are some of the greatest in Bob’s Burgers history and for a good reason! They’re clever, hilarious and really make you feel better about the holidays. Bob’s Burgers just bring the holidays together in harmony and love.

For their new season, creator Loren Bouchard announced Friday at SDCC Fox Comedy animation panel that Bob’s Burgers will have a one-hour Christmas musical special!

“It should feel almost like a little Christmas movie. It’s kind of epic. It’s got an hour long feel to it.”

The hour long episode will be a first for this show since each episode of the show is a half an hour. It’s unknown what the episode will be about, but we can count on it being epic. Bouchard has also announced in the panel that actor Adam Driver (Star Wars, Midnight Special) is set to make an appearance in the special set to air in December.

via Fox

Entertainment Weekly reports that the panel included a peek into the new season, guest stars who will be joining the cast. This season includes Thomas Middleditch, who will play Alex, a boy who invites Gene over for a sleepover, and teased the first episode, titled “Bob’s Farts” will be an episode that is completely drawn by fans!

Early this year, the Bob’s Burgers team reached out to fans to submit their art in three categories: title sequence animations, static background panels, and static character panels for their first episode of the new season. Loren Bouchard says, “It is crazy-making to watch, but it is also incredible…” It’s hard not to be excited for the 8th season of Bob’s Burgers. The show is still going strong and the 8th season is gearing up to be even brighter than the last.

Bob’s Burgers premieres Season 8 on October 1st.

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