Security experts warn of technology scams

by: Joshua Tucker

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Scammers are coming after more than just your hard earned money.

They are coming after your computer as well.


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The scammers call and say they are with Microsoft or another major computer company. After telling you they can fix your computer, you are tricked into downloading malware or another harmful program to your machine.

Randy Hutchinson is the president of the Better Business Bureau Mid-South. He’s no stranger to this scam.

The crooks attack the victim’s wallet first.

“They charge you a fee to correct the problem that was nonexistent, and they may download malware in the computer that allows him to steal information,” Hutchinson said.

“Unfortunately, just enough people are falling for it to make it worth their while to keep calling.”

To get an idea of how serious this scam can be, FOX13’s Josh Tucker met with a security expert.

Ricky Graziosi has helped protect a Fortune 500 company from similar attacks for three years.

“That is possibly one of the worst vulnerabilities that is out there right now,” Graziosi said.

He told FOX13 one of the most common viruses the scammers use is called a ‘rat.’

“Which is a remote access Trojan, a download file that allows them to access your computer and control it for virtually anywhere in the world,” Graziosi said.

“You could potentially lose all the money in your bank account. You have your identity stolen, any priceless photos you have lost.”

Ricky said it’s hard to stay ahead of the people trying to sneak into your computer.

“It also doesn’t matter what operating system you’re running if you have a MacBook or Windows PC or even cell phones,” Graziosi said.

To stay safe, change all your passwords immediately, and consider downloading a free antivirus program, according to Graziosi. 

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