Shahid Kapoor goes topless on a holiday and the sight is so soothing – view pic

So Shahid Kapoor went topless. Nothing new? True! He has done that countless number of times, making our hearts skip a beat everytime our eyes fell on him. So what’s special about the new one? Well nothing much! It’s just a really awesome sight and guessing from his caption it seems, on holidays, he likes to keep his shirt far away from him. Ah… we are so glad he has such hot rules for holidays. Shahid just made this night super hot!

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It’s a warm night here in Mumbai and now we know who to blame for this. Shahid’s new Instagram pic has us ogling at it constantly. Of course, that has raised our temp levels too. So unfair! But more than his chiseled body, it’s his broad grin which will melt your heart more. Shahid’s smile has this innate ability to do strange things to your heart. His eyes twinkle whenever he smiles which proves that it’s a genuine one. We hope Misha has taken after his smile because it’s simply disarming. Check out his latest post right here…


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We have to admit that Shahid Kapoor’s Instagram profile is something we always stalk. Everytime we are on it, we feel better. The actor posts such dashing pics on his profile that it takes time for us to come to our senses so that we can move to the next. Sample this…

Or this…

Or just this…

Feeling it.

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Told you… he is addictive.

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