Buy to Let

should I get advice or go it alone?

This week it emerged the Government has handed back a staggering £127m in stamp duty refunds to those wrongly hit by the 3pc surcharge

The charge, on second properties, was meant to target buy-to-let landlords but those buying a new home before selling their old one must pay the fee up front and subsequently claim a refund.

HMRC figures, released on Friday, reveal that, since the rule change in April 2016, 10,700 refunds have been handed out, with an average value of £11,869.

Critics have branded the system unfair, arguing that HMRC should collect the surcharge retrospectively to take the burden off individuals.

Lucy Brennan, a partner at accountancy firm Saffery Champness, said having to make a payment of that size could be the difference between a family secure their dream home or not.

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