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Shrinking buy-to-let market triggers mortgage rate war 

In terms of two-year fixed-rate loans where a borrower has 40pc equity, the Post Office now has the lowest rate at 1.33pc. This is lower than lender Platform’s similar offer which comes with a rate of 1.34pc – although the Post Office’s arrangement fee is £1,495 compared to Platform’s £1,999.

The Post Office also has the best offer for those with 25pc equity, with a rate of 1.68pc and an arrangement fee of £2,495. This replaces the Skipton Building Society best-buy deal of 1.69pc with an arrangement fee of £2,495.

Skipton continues to have the best offering at 70pc LTV.

For three-year deals, the Post Office now has the joint lowest rate on the market for a 60pc LTV mortgage and the lowest at 75pc LTV. The lender is tied with Virgin Money at 60pc, offering rates of 1.99pc – although the arrangement fee of £1,295 is lower than Virgin’s £1,995.

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