Software engineer differentiates between the two holidays by the name of the movie seen

Bengaluru. A software engineer in the city remembers and differentiates between the holidays by the name of the movie seen, his friends told, about one of the many unique idiosyncrasies of an IT guy in the IT capital.

OK Jaanu weekend, Raees weekend, Badrinath ki weekend, Baahubali weekend, Tubelight weekend, Secret superstar weekend, Harry met Sejal weekend and Spider weekend – is how he refers to the list of holidays in 2017, whether the holiday falls on a weekend or not, his friends observed. For software engineers, the holidays are greatly reduced to the name of the movie seen, the industry veterans told Faking News.

“I am not a movie buff. Movies don’t turn me on. Actually, it is quite opposite. Movies turn me off. During the holidays, I go to a movie and totally turn myself off from the routine hustles and bustles of the work life. Seldom I pay attention to the movie. For example, I never knew when Harry met Sejal or why Tubelight was called a Tubelight when it looked similar to all the other Bhai movies. Failed to watch if Mahesh Babu does any spider man like stunts,” Mahesh told Faking News.

“Sometimes, the theme of the weekend gets set along the lines of the movie seen. I am no Harry but I actually met a girl by the name Sejal after the movie. We dated on and off for the next few weekends until the Tubelight weekend. That’s when I finally realised her name was not Sejal and I had been such a Tubelight. And this, you are not going to believe. I actually met my twin brother near to the popcorn stall during the interval of Judwaa 2,” Mahesh further elaborated on how the movies blend with his otherwise boring lifestyle in the traffic challenged city.

Faking news reporter left totally awestruck, when Mahesh informed that he is planning to release the 2.0 version of his software during the 2.0 weekend, whenever that actually happens.

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