Some MPs are double-dipping federal funds: report

OTTAWA, ON. (NEWS 1130) – There are calls for rule changes after reports dozens of MPs have been collecting their pensions on top of their taxpayer funded salaries.

Just over 35 MPs are collecting pension income while also being paid as an MP, with reports one-fifth of those are getting the pension payments from the federal government for previous jobs they held, while many others get them from provincial governments.

Aaron Wudrick with the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation says he doesn’t mind if politicians collect private company pensions, but he objects to those who double dip from government funds. “Taxpayers are paying their salaries and paying their pensions — for a lot of folks who don’t have a pension at all, it really strikes them as a bit of a stink.”

Wudrick adds MPs should face the same restrictions as public servants who have to suspend pension payments if they return to work for the government.

One MP defends receiving their pension saying they’re simply collecting money they earned through previous jobs.

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