Special police units called in for holiday blitz

POLICE on the water, on horses and in plain clothes will aim to target crime in Noosa as squads carry out a strategic school holidays blitz.

Noosa Police officer-in-charge Ben Carroll said local officers, the Tactical Crime Squad and special units will target theft, unsafe driving and the Noosa North Shore area ahead of what will be a bumper tourist season.

“Officers from Noosa, Tactical Crime Squad, water and mounted police will be patrolling the area. That’s throughout all of Noosa,” Senior Sergeant Carroll said.

“We find over the school holiday periods we have an increase in stealing from motor vehicles, theft of items from boats on the river, and theft of outboard motors.

“That’s simply due to an influx of people in to Noosa during the holiday period.

“(It will be) basically a blitz across Noosa.”

Snr Sgt Carroll said while Noosa North Shore’s isolation can tempt people to do the wrong thing, police will be present at the area.

“We’re going to be targeting Noosa North Shore during the holiday period,” Snr Sgt Carroll said.

“So the Tactical Crime Squad will be heading up there to undertake random breath testing, and speeding offences on the beach and the like.”

Snr Sgt Carroll said as school holidays get under way, opportunistic thieves can arrive with the influx of tourists.

“People are relaxing, they’re letting their guard down, and a lot of it (theft) is opportunistic,” he said.

“We’re not suggesting that it’s local people doing it (stealing), it could be out-of-towners, and more than likely it is, because it’s not happening outside of those days.

“We thought we’ll put something together to target that, and also targeting theft on the beach, stealing from people’s bags while they’re in having a swim.”

Snr Sgt Ben Carroll said drivers affected by alcohol or drugs can expect to be stopped and tested at any time.

“Noosa has a high rate of drink driving offences,” he said.

“That’s a real concern. Everyone has the right to share the roads with sober drivers.

“People on holidays, go and have dinner, have too many wines and think it’s okay to drive. We don’t want alcohol-affected people on the roads.”

Snr Sgt Carroll said the public should take measures to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

“With the influx of people in to the Noosa area, we ask people to take care on the roads, if they are going to have a drink to organise alternative transport,” he said.

“Ensure they secure their valuables and lock their cars.”

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