Stamford woman crashes several police cars in chase

STAMFORD-A woman totaled at least one police cruiser while damaging several others while leading police on a chase through Stamford’s West Side.

Police said as they approached Brittany McDow driving a Volkswagon Taureg after she had been cornered in an Oakwood Lane driveway, she threw the car in reverse. While speeding backward the vehicle narrowly missed the same patrol officer that spotted her with a headlight out that began the chase downtown at about 12:30 a.m. a few minutes earlier. .

She then rammed several police vehicles and pushed one into a tree. Officers approached and found McDow, 27, behind the wheel still acting as though she were driving the car even though it was too damaged to be driven, according to a press release from patrol Lt. Diedrich Hohn.

This wasn’t the first time McDow led police on a chase.

In February 2014 she led the Stamford Police in a M/V pursuit onto Crescent St in which she drove through a two chain link fences and rammed several patrol officers in an attempt to elude them. She was arrested at that time and while on probation for narcotic violations. McDow was in court Wednesday appearing on those pending charges.

On Thursday July 27 officers attempted to stop the same Taureg for an equipment violation on East Main Street. McDow pulled the vehicle over, but she refused to roll down her windows and be cooperative. She then sped off and the officers lost sight of the vehicle as it turned onto a side street off East Main. Officers are currently working on an arrest warrant in her name for that incident, the release said.

For the damage she caused early Thursday morning, McDow was charged with six counts of criminal mischief, assault on a police officer, evading responsibility, reckless driving, interfering with police, and engaging police in pursuit. She was also issued numerous citations for driving infractions. She was uncooperative while being booked and refused to be mugged and printed. She was held in lieu of a $250,000 court appearance bond and will be arraigned at the Stamford courthouse early Thursday afternoon.;

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