Stronger Ringgit Sees More Malaysians Looking To Spend Their Holidays Abroad

Our economy has finally taken a turn for the better as had reported a double-digit growth in Malaysians bookings in popular overseas destinations!

Registering a 40% quarterly growth, Asian cities like Macau, Osaka and Seoul are the three fastest growing outbound destinations for Malaysian travellers. As for European cities like Paris and London which hamper Malaysians travellers due to the strong euro and pound sterling, they too surprisingly showed double-digit growth.

“We have seen a significant increase in interest in overseas destinations, from Macau to London, amongst Malaysian travellers during the second quarter of the year.

“This coincides with the strong performance of Malaysian Ringgit, which has been named as the best performing Asian currency recently,” said Jessica Chuang, Regional Director for Greater China, Southeast Asia & India for said in a statement. recently released the data compiled from their online transactions to show the top destinations searched by Malaysian travellers looking to go abroad.

Top outbound destinations searched by Malaysian travellers:

Topping the list is none other than the Las Vegas of Asia as travellers finds the best this life has to offer in Macau. Known for its ultra luxurious hotels, exciting entertainments and gaming options, in Macau, there is even a Venetian-themed resort, complete with canals and gondolas for those seeking an opulent vacation experience.

Many Malaysian travellers look to their Asean neighbours for a short holiday stint abroad, with many resorting to Bangkok and Pattaya as reported that an increase in search for accommodations in these destinations had occurred during the second quarter of the year.

Bangkok was also listed by’s latest Hotels Price Index (HPI) as the most popular overseas destination for Malaysian travellers in 2016.

Europe still remains Malaysians’ dream vacation destination, with London and Paris making a comeback during the second quarter of the year with a 23.6% quarterly growth for the city decorated with the elegance of the Eiffel Tower while the birthplace of Spice Girls experienced a 15.9% quarterly growth.

“Malaysian consumers are generally avid travellers, and as the local economic sentiment improves further, is excited to offer even better values to enhance their travel experience, added Jessica.

We hope this list can assist you in your next travel destination plans for the year-end.


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