Texas man accused of smashing police cars with ax


A Texas man, who may not have been taking his required medication, is accused of using an ax to destroy several police cars — in one case leaving the weapon sticking out of a vehicle’s smashed windshield.

Jeassy Bobby Cruz, 31, was taken into custody Wednesday after police said he committed a string of crimes over the past week, including slamming an ax into windshields, emergency lights and the body of two marked Keene police cruisers.

Investigators said Cruz may have been off medication he takes to treat a mental illness, which could have contributed to his actions.

Lt. Pat Jones told Fox 4 News an officer was driving past the police station around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday when he spotted Cruz attacking a cruiser. The officer quickly called for backup.

“Fortunately, the subject responded to verbal commands,” Jones said. “And officers were able to take him into custody without injury to himself or the officers.”

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The attack on Wednesday marked the end of a crime spree that spanned 10 days, police said.

“[Cruz] was involved in a couple of thefts that occurred at some of our restaurants where he would order food and not pay for the food,” Jones said, who added that Cruz was also cited for throwing a rock at a neighbor’s windshield.

“I’m glad that wasn’t my head or another Keene officer’s head or any other officer’s head anywhere,” Jones said.

Cruz was taken into custody and charged with criminal mischief, however, additional charges could be filed against him. Police have asked a judge to order a mental health evaluation.


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