The Best Players To Be A Buffalo Bill

The Buffalo Bills have not made the NFL Playoffs since the 1999 season. They currently have the longest playoff drought in North American sports. Until the Bills kick off the season on September 10th, let’s cover some of the best and worst things about the Bills during the drought. We’ll continue our weekly series with the best/most nostalgic Bills players in from the last 17 years.

The Buffalo Bills have not exactly had many Hall of Fame caliber players on their roster in the last decade plus.

They had some really talented players but they are remembered mostly for being on other teams but with short stints in Buffalo.

Some of those names include Marshwan Lynch, London Fletcher, Terrell Owens, Shawne Merriman, and Drew Bledsoe.

All great players, but I do not consider them great Buffalo Bill players, just great players who once

played for the Bills.

This list is our top four best Buffalo Bills.

Not just statistically, based on accolades, or personal accomplishments, but the best players that the fans loved, embraced the city and fans, and were diamonds in the rough.

Here is the list.

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