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The Nintendo Switch supply will not be enough for the holidays, contrary to what Nintendo previously said. Gamers who were planning to buy the hybrid console for the season will have to think of a Plan B, just in case. 
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Gamers who are thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch for the holidays will need to think of a Plan B, as it appears that there will not be enough units of the gaming console for the season.

Making matters worse is that Nintendo previously promised that the Nintendo Switch supply will meet the expected heightened demand in the upcoming holiday season.

Nintendo Switch Shortage In The Holidays

In the Entertainment and Technology Summit of Variety in Los Angeles, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime failed to make a commitment that there will be enough Nintendo Switch units to go around once the holiday shopping season starts.

Fils-Aime repeated that Nintendo is aiming to meet its goal of 10 million units for the hybrid console for its first year. “Are we going to have enough for the holiday? That’s what we are focused on,” the Nintendo boss then said.

Nintendo To Break Its Promise

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure everyone who wants to buy a Nintendo Switch system can do so,” said a Nintendo spokesperson late last month. However, with Fils-Aime’s statements, it appears that Nintendo will not be able keep that promise.

Nintendo’s official forecast sales of 10 million units for the first year of the hybrid console is viewed as too low, but sources involved in the Nintendo Switch supply chain claimed that Nintendo has requested production for 18 million units. Nintendo has also recently been able to refill the stocks of its partner retailers for the Nintendo Switch faster, giving hope that the hybrid console will be a viable holiday gift.

The Nintendo Switch supply shortage will likely spoil the holidays of some gamers, though, which actually could not be considered a surprise. Nintendo has been notorious for missing the mark on its demand projections for its products that it has been accused of intentionally creating a Nintendo Switch shortage of supply to maintain the hype for the hybrid console.

Nintendo has since denied such claims, but whether the allegations are true or not, the success of the Nintendo Switch is being held back by its supply shortage. Sales for the hybrid console will likely be much higher if there were enough units in stores, and a gap in the Nintendo Switch supply in the holiday season means that its supposed owners will also not be buying games and accessories.

The interest for the Nintendo Switch is still certainly there, especially with the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey. It would be a shame if Nintendo will block out gamers from enjoying the hybrid console just because it can’t get enough units out there for the holidays.

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