The Pokemon Go-style app where you can win holidays, beer and PS4s – just by walking around

It’s been a year since the world was playing Pokemon Go and if you’re still playing it in July 2016 maybe it’s time you moved on.

Anyway, it’s all about a different augmented reality game in 2017 – Snatch.

The premise is similar to Pokemon Go except instead of little monsters you have parcels. The aim is then to find these parcels and then stop people from stealing them from you, or if you’re attracted to a life of virtual crime, steal as many parcels as possible.

It’s basically Pokemon Go but with the opportunity to win some prawn rings from Iceland or a trip to actual Iceland.

On the website the game is described as “a free to play, virtual treasure hunt. Using augmented reality, grab parcels hidden around you virtually, then protect them from others who are trying to Snatch from you.

“You could win a free holiday, tickets to a gig, rewards and even hard cash. Just by stepping outside your door.”

So, here are the things you need to know.

What prizes can you win in Snatch?

Quite a few. Numerous brands are piggybacking on it to “increase visibility”, so take advantage of it.

Currently you can Win cash prizes, via another mobile app called Circle. Circle is a money transfer service to enable peer to peer transfers. Vouchers for money off £10 at Vue, £10 at ASOS, £30 with TicketMaster, £10 at Nando’s, £10 Amazon Gift card and £150 to spend at a Salon with Rock Pamper Scissors.

There are even 6 month premium subscriptions to Spotify and 2 months of Now TV up for grabs too.

If you’re aiming for really big wins, Ben James who works at SnatchHQ told us that some players “have won trips to Amsterdam while others have won bikes in conjunction with Amstel recently.”

Parcels can be captured once you are near enough to them

Elsewhere, games consoles like PS4s and Xbox Ones are also available.

Sadly, sometimes all you will win is in-game coins which can be underwhelming. However, if you are in this for the long haul these coins are crucial to defend your parcels against oncoming attackers as each defence costs a varying amount of coins.

Don’t worry if someone wins a great prize though, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Things cannot only be won once: “We have an ever-changing roster of prizes and the quantity of prizes available varies from prize to prize. Obviously, the big ticket prizes are rarer but we want to make as many winners of our players as possible,” Ben added.

Where do you find parcels?

On the streets, in your house etc. This is where it’s identical to Pokemon Go, but instead of the monsters there are parcels. Once you capture a parcel using augmented reality (similar to how you’d capture a Pokemon) there is a six hour timer on that parcel.

Ben says the location and distribution of the parcels is “completely random. Whether you live in the far north of Scotland, the far west of Wales, the furthest north of Northern Ireland or the South of England, you have an equal chance of winning prizes.”

So, just because you live in a built up area, it doesn’t necessarily mean the parcels are more likely to contain great prizes.

When do parcels become prizes?

Parcels can be stolen until the countdown reaches zero

If you manage to successfully defend your parcels from people trying to steal it for six hours then once the countdown reaches zero you win the prize. You won’t know what the prize is until you win it however.

How can I steal other people’s parcels?

Thieves in the temple! You cannot be trusted you shifty so and so.

There is an option in the bottom left corner you can select which will tell you if there are players nearby who you can snatch from.

Snatching a package from another player

If there are, you just select snatch. There will then be a meter that has to fill up to 100%, if the person fails to stop you during that time, the parcel is yours.

You will still have to wait for it to count down to 0 though before you win the prize.

Are there upgrades for the game?

Yes, these are purchased with in-game coins, which you can either find or pay for. These upgrades range from a tent which drops a safety net on your current location, and means you can’t be attacked while you remain within 200m, to a snatch proof vest which is pretty self explanatory.

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