The rise of value-driven equity markets, getting offensive and what REIT investors shouldn’t ignore

The U.S. earnings season is more than half completed, and the results have been nothing but bullish. Perhap,s more importantly, a distinct change in the market’s reaction to positive profit news could signal a sea change for investors.

So far, 315 S&P 500 companies have reported earnings with overall sales growth of 5.6 per cent and a 10.2 per cent year- over-year improvement in profits. Fully 73 per cent of companies have exceeded analyst estimates, which is well over the five-year average.

Merrill Lynch quantitative strategist Savita Subramanian has noticed that stock prices are not benefiting from the positive results, as Business Insider details, “For the first time in 17 years, there are no short-term rewards for topping earnings forecasts … companies that beat on earnings per share and sales have traded in line with the market the next day and over the following five,” Mr. Subramanian said in a note on Monday.

The momentum investing style – based on the premise that the companies with rising stock prices and profits will go on being the companies with rising stock prices and profits, without regard to valuation levels  – has generated the strongest returns in the past five years.  It is a basic tenet of momentum investors that stocks reporting earnings ‘beats’ will see rising stock prices, and yet this no longer seems to be the case.

I can think of two reasons why strong growth is not being rewarded. The pessimistic slant – one I’m not inclined to buy at this point – is that investors believe the party’s over and profit growth has peaked and is set to roll over.

The second explanation is that we’re entering a market favouring value investors. Value-oriented stock selection methods work best in market environments where there’s low profit dispersion – more companies are growing earnings at more or less the same rate. In these situations, the most-attractively valued stock should outperform.

I’m speculating here, but one of the reasons estimate-beating stocks aren’t rising is that more investors are now ignoring momentum factors and focusing on valuations as earnings growth broadens out through the index.

Value-driven equity markets are much less stressful for investors, particularly the risk-averse. Unlike momentum rallies – when everybody’s forced to consider adding companies like at 250 times trailing earnings to keep up with the benchmark  – in value markets prudent investors can buy cheap stocks with downside protection and reap the rewards. For this reason, while I’m not certain a value market is underway, I’m hoping one is on the horizon.

— Scott Barlow is The Globe’s in-house market strategist

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