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The top 4 countries for your property investments right now – Bankless Times

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Property investments are highly popular and proven to succeed when done correctly. The correct way to invest in property and build a big portfolio is to diversify your assets. Don’t just stick to one type of property, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket by investing in one country.

If you keep investing in your own country’s property market, then you miss out on countless opportunities all over the world. While house prices may stay the same for you, they could be on the rise elsewhere.

Consequently, it makes sense to expand your reach and find different places to invest your property money. The following list will show you the top countries to invest in right now, all over the world.



When you think of iconic European countries, you think of Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, and maybe even the Netherlands. Rarely do you turn your attention to Spain’s close neighbor, Portugal. Well, if you’re looking for great property investments, you better divert all your attention to this majestic country.

Portugal is a truly beautiful place that has very appealing house prices. The dollar to euro rate is good now too, meaning you get more bang for your buck. Why is Portugal so good for property investments? It’s simple, the country is experiencing more and more tourists every year, with more people deciding to move there after falling in love with it on holiday. As such, houses are more in demand than ever, meaning you can buy and sell them quite quickly.

There are also massive holiday locations such as the coastal Algarve. This place is a property investor’s dreamland. You will find plenty of villas and coastal homes that are on the market for an absolute steal. Buy them, rent them out as holiday homes, and you’ll rake in a lot of money.



Singapore is one of the most interesting places on earth. It’s a country that sits close to Malaysia and is full of life. There are many reasons to invest in real estate here, the first of which is that it’s a very modern place. You will find lots of contemporary office blocks and housing developments that present great investment opportunities.

What’s more, the country/city is full of business activity. It’s a real financial hub with many huge corporations setting up shop there. What this means is that people travel from far and wide to work here, meaning the demand for housing is high. While actual traditional homes might not be incredibly sought after, the market for modern buy-to-let apartments is certainly there for all to see.

Finally, Singapore is experiencing low property prices at the moment. This makes it ideal to invest some money in the cheap real estate, then hold onto it until the prices rise. Or, it’s even better for buy-to-let investments as the price is low, but there’ll still be tenants keen to find a place to live.




Veteran property experts are all salivating over Colombia at the moment. It’s one of the biggest countries in South America, yet it’s often had to deal with a bad reputation. Nowadays, the country is transforming and evolving into a more modern and middle-class place to live. As a consequence, housing demand is up, and there’s a huge demand for rental properties.

This opens the door for some great property investment chances. To make things even better, the cost of real estate over in Colombia is unbelievably cheap. You can get some great properties in prime locations for a fraction of the price back home. As always, low property prices equals huge opportunity for profits.

As if all this wasn’t good enough, the dollar is really strong right now compared to the pesos in Colombia. This means that all those cheap properties just got a little bit cheaper thanks to healthy exchange rates.



United Kingdom

The UK is currently in somewhat turbulent times what with the Brexit negotiations and plans to leave the EU. However, it’s still a country that throws up some fantastic chances to make a lot of money in the property market.

Your main port of call is London, the capital city of England, and most recognizable city in the entire United Kingdom. There are often claims that London doesn’t have enough property for the residents living there. As such, this means it’s a buy-to-let haven with so many working people looking for places to live. Furthermore, there are always ongoing developments to both residential and commercial real estate, opening up your opportunities even more.

As well as London, you might want to invest in some Northern Irish real estate too. This is a little country that’s still part of the UK despite being on a separate island. Real estate prices here are incredibly low, even in prime locations. It’s a country that’s seeing more and more tourism thanks to Game of Thrones and other hit TV shows/movies filming there. As such, the demand to live there is rising too, opening the door for property profits.

UK investments also have the benefit of a fairly predictable property market. Things have generally increased over the years, despite a few mishaps here and there. Even though the market is a bit uncertain as the country seeks to leave the EU, property prices are always predicted to rise here.

Of course, many great cities in our own country are brilliant for property investments; New York, Boston, and LA to name a few. You can earn a lot of money with home investments, and there are benefits to doing so. For one, you know the market better and also speak the language, meaning negotiations are easier for you to gain the upper hand in.

However, if you want to expand your portfolio with assets overseas, then these are the best countries to think about. Take some time exploring the different property opportunities in each country before finally improving your portfolio. With some foreign assets alongside your local ones, you can earn big money and see a huge return on your property investments.


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