They work throughout, to make holidays more enjoyable for all

There are many sections of workers who are always at the service of Qatar even when most of the residents are enjoying holidays. In fact, such workers need to work more than usual during extended holidays such as Eid vacations, especially on the first three days of Eid when almost all establishments other than retail shops stay closed.

Besides the contingency workers of various municipalities, who help to keep the public areas clean, workers at groceries and cafeterias, staff at small and medium restaurants, hair dressing saloons, drivers of public transport buses and cabbies are among those delivering duties during such holidays.
Inquiries made by Gulf Times found workers at most of the smaller groceries and supermarkets were at work even on the very first day of the Eid celebrations. Some of the small supermarkets remained closed in the morning but they resumed operations after the prayers.
Similarly, workers at cafeterias and many small restaurants too were seen working as they had to satisfy the food requirements of their regular customers, many of whom are bachelors or ‘singles’.
When contacted, the manager of a city restaurant said if they remained closed even for a day, they would lose many of their customers as there is intense competition these days.
“Not over, we will find it difficult to pay our monthly rent if we remained closed even for a day,” he said, adding that there is a severe competition in business.
Delivery staff at eateries were seen rendering their routine service, especially in the evenings.
A Sri Lankan expatriate, running a hair dressing saloon in Najma, said his co-workers are prepared to work as there is more rush at saloons during holidays. However, many of such outlets either start late or close early these days, it has been found.
Cabbies too are active on duties as they expect more customers during the holidays. Public transport buses on a number of routes were seen with more passengers, especially on the first two days.
Staff at security agencies too render their services in shifts when the country is on a holiday. Similar services were also done by vendors, delivering newspapers at homes.

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