Thieves spotted breaking into cars in South Bay


CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A Chula Vista resident’s home surveillance cameras caught a pair of thieves breaking into his car – one of at least eight cars targeted within a 30-minutes time frame.

Video shows two men making their way through the neighborhood near Marbella Circle.

“Started about 3:30,” Gary Atkins said. “They parked up here. They got out and they started hitting the cars. They pulled the hoodie up and came right in. They got right in the car. They tried the trunk.”

Atkins’ white car can be seen being rummaged through.

“I looked at the glove compartment and I said, ‘oh, somebody has been in my car,’” said.

“The second individual already over in the other car. He leaves my car, he tries my truck, then he goes and joins the other one,” Atkins said.

The thieves broke into a mix of locked and unlocked cars, stealing anything they could from inside.

“The car was unlocked. We thought it was locked with the alarm but my son didn’t close it fully,” Janet Villalpando said. “They broke in, they took registration.”

The thieves stole vehicle registration and insurance information from all the victims.

“My car door was open, my trunk was open, the glove compartment was open, all the papers were bunched up, everything was taken out of my backpack,” Villalpando said.

Residents say police are investigating whether this is related to a string of other recent car break-ins. Although nothing of great value was stolen, their peace of mind is gone.

“It makes me feel not safe and this is a really safe neighborhood,” Villalpando said.


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