Thinking about Fall? ‘Experts’ say it’s going to be a hot one

While it’s true we still have a couple of months left of summer, the reality is fall is only around the corner. Just look at the supermarkets and their collection of Halloween candy.

AccuWeather reports summer warmth will linger into fall across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Meanwhile, areas farther south will remain alert for tropical hits long after summer has faded.

In the southern Plains, conditions will become ripe for severe weather, including possible tornado outbreaks.

As children head back to school and swimming pools are closed down for autumn, warm air will linger across much of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.


“That doesn’t mean it’s going to be exceptionally warm, but we do feel [temperatures are] going to run above normal,” AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said.

However, rainfall will help to hold back extreme heat, letting balmy days kick off the fall season.

It’s too soon to tell how these factors may affect the vibrancy of the region’s foliage, but windstorms could prevent fall leaves from hanging around for too long, Pastelok said.

Late-season severe weather will threaten to kick in from Albany toward New York City and northern New Jersey.

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