This is how you could be getting ripped off on your holidays

Watch out for this one.

Summer is slowly rolling by and if you haven’t already gone on a nice holiday somewhere, hopefully, you’re counting down to one.

Holidays are expensive at the best of times and when you’re abroad, you want to make sure that you don’t get overcharged for anything or pay for something that you shouldn’t have to pay for.

The European Consumer Centre has told Irish people to be extra careful when hiring out cars on their holidays for the next few weeks as the busy holiday period begins to peak.

The centre has said that some tourists have been charged for damages to cars that they are not even responsible for while holidaying.

Martina Nee a spokesperson for the European Consumer Centre has told people the many ways that these extra and wrong charges can be avoided while on holiday.

“Always take photographs when you pick it up, also when you drop off the car just to have proof,” she said.

“Try to return it within working hours. If it’s not in working hours park it in a designated spot, again take pictures as confirmation of that.

“When you get home go through your statements to make sure there’s no unauthorised payment,” she concluded.

Follow these handy tips and you shouldn’t get caught out.

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