Three winter vegetable markets to open soon

Three winter vegetable markets to open soon

 17 Sep 2017 – 9:33

A file photo of officials visiting Al Mazroua Yard. Pic: Kammutty V P / The Peninsula

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment is gearing up to open three winter vegetable markets in Al Mazroua, Al Khor-Dakhira and Al Wakrah next month.

The three markets are ready and will be opened on October 19 and allow farmers to sell their products directly to the customers without any middlemen or brokers. 

Earlier, farmers used to sell their produce through auction at the central market. The farmers’ markets offer a wide variety of vegetables and poultry products sourced from Qatari farms.

An official at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment told The Peninsula that the upcoming season will be more attractive for customers because of the possibility of prices falling compared to the local market.

“Also, the quantity of production will be increased this season, especially vegetables, and all of them are local production from Qatari farms and it became a very strong competitor to imported vegetables and fruits,” he added.

About the new markets which will be opened this season, he said: “Apart from three set to be opened next month at Al Mazroua, Al Khor-Dakhira and Al Wakrah, more markets at other places are also expected to be opened. But, they are still under study and we are not sure whether they will be opened this season or not”.

Earlier, an official source said that they would open two new winter markets at Al Shahaniya and Muaither in the season 2017- 2018, and the aim is to help serve more areas and also Qatari farmers get an opportunity to sell their products to the customers without intervention of the middlemen.

“This season will be seven months and fifteen days and there is a plan to extend it to more than the mentioned period.” The markets are open for three days on weekends from 7am to 5pm.

During the last season 2016/2017, the winter markets sold 5,113 tonnes of vegetables, 919 tonnes of fruits and over 142 tonnes of fish. The three markets started selling products in October 2016 and closed at the end of April this year.


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