Total solar eclipse 2017: Experts to follow

MIAMIFred Espenak claims to have watched 27 solar eclipses. 

The retired astrophysicist known as Mr. Eclipse has photographed all of them. This year he has a speaking engagement in Casper, Wyoming.

Espenak believes the areas west of the Mississippi River are more likely to have clear skies. 

His tips and publications are available at 





Bill Nye, better known as The Science Guy, is not an astronomer, but he is pretty obsessed about the eclipse. 

The mechanical engineer leads the Planetary Society, which partnered with the U.S.National Parks Service for the celestial event. 

Nye will be at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Nebraska to watch the eclipse. 

His new Bill Nye Saves the World show is on Netflix and he recently granted Newsweek an interview. 





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