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Seeing good people

Monday’s paper had such a fabulous front page with good people helping others in need. The BACA bikers help and protect abused children and the O’Fallon police department who are serving at a restaurant to support Special Olympics. It restores my faith that there are still really good people in this world. Thank you for publishing these articles.

Pension ploy offensive

Illinois house speaker says Rauner won’t compromise? Take the pensions out of the school funding bill. He shouldn’t compromise. Democrats’ insistence on tying teachers’ pensions to the schools is offensive. Didn’t anybody see Rauner’s comments about how much money Southern Illinois schools will receive if we take out those pensions?

Transgender duty

I find President Trump’s decision to not allow transgender individuals into the military a breath of fresh air. The military has put together a 59-page manual on how to treat transgenders. That should give you the first clue transgenders receive special treatment and are afforded courtesies other military personnel don’t get. Hence, transgenders hurt morale. As a member of the military, I resent individuals joining the military for the expressed purpose of having the military pay tens of thousands for their transformational drugs. The taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for this. Additionally, after receiving certain injections, the individuals are on limited duty, which hurts morale. How can you depend on someone when you aren’t sure if they are fit for duty? Thank you, President Trump, for having common sense and saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.

High school math

Personally, I would like to see all of District 201’s analysis about buying the bus service and property. I think their response that they came in under budget is concerning. Illinois is on the brink of destruction because of negotiations and contracts that school districts have signed and played games with pensions and giveaways. They gave the gym away at Belleville West only to find the resources for a new district office, bus facilities, two new stadiums and a $50-$60 million dollar school. And we’re supposed to be happy that they’re coming in under budget? It leaves me feeling leery.

Midnight votes

I loved BND’s East St. Louis Housing Authority editorial. The editorial reached the same apparent conclusion any rational person would come to, which is the East St. Louis Housing Authority exists for the same reason East St. Louis Election Board exists. Democrats have to have organizations to funnel taxpayer monies (bribes/pay-offs) into the hands of corrupt individuals. As long as these pay-for-play organizations exist, they guarantee the Democrats those midnight votes that keep St. Clair County Democrats in power. Democrats have taken advantage of the people in East St. Louis for decades, and the taxpayers don’t mind wasting $2 million in taxes to buy Democrats’ votes.

Administrative salaries

A quick visit to found that the 2016 content was greatly diminished from that offered in previous years. I wanted to see if East St. Louis superintendent Arthur Culver, with a 2015 salary of $238,000, continued to out-pace SWIC’s president Georgia Costello. Hard to tell if these two get paid for how tough their job is or how successful they are at doing it.

Humid inhumanity

The St. Louis jails and southwestern Illinois correctional facilities aren’t air conditioned? It’s inhumane in this day and age to not have air conditioning offered, especially in a minimum security facility.

Ticked at TIF

BND, please call out the lawmakers who initiated tax increment financing in Illinois. Our local congressmen, Costello and Hoffman, should end TIF money in Illinois like California did. TIF is a law that provides our tax dollars to local aldermen, often under the encouragement of the mayor, to disperse to local businesses of their choosing with unmonitored reports going to the state.

Transparency on TIF

Open the books, lawmakers Costello and Hoffman, and allow more than one city official to know the TIF details. As a property taxpayer and unfortunate TIF law enabler, we, the people, should be allowed to know who’s getting TIF dollars, proof of expenditures, sales generated from the location, all of it.

Too much Kelly

BND, why all of the Brendan Kelly articles? He’s barely announced his candidacy and I’ve already seen half a dozen articles about how great he is. If the BND just becomes a mouth-piece for Democratic candidate Kelly, I won’t read your paper anymore.

Up the charges

Kudos to Brendan Kelly for charging the 14-year-old as an adult with attempted first-degree murder. Clinton County should have followed suit and charged the 17-year-old with first-degree murder. Instead, they’re charging him as a juvenile, which is a load of bull.

Bad boy Busch

Busch IV in trouble again? Put this playboy behind bars for a while. He’ll walk away again, I am sure. Big money talks and so the clown walks. How many Anheuser-Busch employees lost their jobs over the sale of the company?

SWIC enrollment

To the SWIC Board: What happened to SWIC for college-bound students? Enrollment is down. Part-time teachers with connections to the administration? Only dual-enrolled high school students find SWIC worthy of the cost. Do local high schools still get tax dollars for these students that are attending SWIC instead of high school? Let’s save taxpayers the money.

$1 million goes pfft

I wanted to give SWIC $1 million dollars at the time of my death. But after reading all of these articles about SWIC salaries, I’m reconsidering this decision. As administrator costs eat up what could be used for other improvements at SWIC, no wonder the college is losing attendance. One person should not be paid $200,000 a year at the college. It is so hard to find a place to give donations that doesn’t abuse the system of education or charity. They’re just like the state of Illinois — spend, spend, spend. I worked hard for my millions and don’t want my donation to go to waste.

Principle on principals

The BND is great at identifying problems but not so great on ideas how to fix those problems. The teacher and administrator salaries are a huge downer because there is no creative thinking going on there for budget balancing. The colleges do the same thing over and over again. None of their administrators should be paid more than $100,000 a year. I think this is a disgrace.

Development status?

What ever happened to the redevelopment of the old Quizno’s building? No work has been done on the building since around March. Didn’t they get tax incentives as part of their redevelopment? Where’s the BND and “citizen” outrage over wasted tax dollars? I guess we only reserve that for out-of-town developers.

Da, comrade

Letter writer James Harrigan must be stuck in some kind of time warp. He accused Donald Trump of being a “communist lover” for his alleged involvement with Russia. Russia, then know as the Soviet Union, hasn’t been a Communist country since 1991. The Russian Federation is a semi-presidential republic with a president and prime minister running the state and government respectively.

Hot sports coverage

BND sports writer Dean Criddle certainly drew the “hot” assignment in his coverage of the American Legion 5th division baseball championship doubleheader at Glik Park in Highland where temperatures were over 100 degrees. He did not disappoint and provided a great rundown. However his article failed to answer the question: “What’s next for the victorious Metro East Bears?”

Mozeliak’s downfall

The inability of John Mozeliak to dismiss Mike Matheny will be his downfall. The Cardinals are on the fast track to last place. He will keep Leake and let Lynn walk. He signed Piscotty at the expense of signing Lynn and trading Piscotty. He will play Wong to the detriment of the team and he can’t keep that great base stealer Molina under control.

Seeking federal freebies

I never succeed in applications for discounts or government freebies due to the total amount of my Social Security checks. That isn’t taking into consideration all of the deductions for Medicare and my insurance premiums. I could use some of those freebies, too.

Not an entitlement

Social Security checks are a benefit, not an entitlement. I worked for it from the age of 18-67. I earned it.

Flipping unfair

Many workers at fast food restaurants want $15 or more per hour. A friend of mine told me that most of the paramedics who work for private ambulance services don’t make $15 an hour. Some of them are lucky to make a minimum wage. I don’t understand why fast food workers should get paid that much.

Pitts should go

How about replacing Leonard Pitts’ column with more letters to the editor? I’m tired of his racist opinions.

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