Trump Threat to Kiwi US Working Holiday Programmes

31st August 2017

Trump Threat to Kiwi US Working Holiday

New Zealand’s leading specialist overseas
employment agency, International Working Holidays (IWH) is
joining forces with American and other international
agencies to counter the threat to US working holiday
programmes from President Donald Trump’s America First

Vicki Kenny, founder of Auckland based IWH
explains: `The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that the
Trump administration is considering major reductions in
cultural exchange programmes, including those for au pairs,
camp counsellors and summer workers, that allow young people
from New Zealand to work in the US.

`We are taking calls
from young New Zealanders worried that they won’t be able
to go on a working holiday next year. We’re working with
our US partner agencies on a business as usual basis but
lending our support to concerted efforts to protect a
much-valued part of the traditional Big OE. ‘

Donald Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American”
executive order, issued in April, calls for a review of U.S.
immigration rules to ensure that the interests of domestic
workers are protected. No decisions have been made, but the
WSJ says supporters of the programme worry changes will be
made without a full public debate.

Vicki adds: `As the New
Zealand agent for Camp America we are being kept fully
involved with initiatives to help ensure that decision
makers in Washington clearly hear the voice of the Exchange
Communities. In the 17 years we have been sending kiwis to
Camp America and Au Pair in America we have faced many
challenges (Iraq War, Volcanoes, Bird Flu, Ebola, US
Government shut downs) and this is one more but will not be
the last. This is not how it will end.’

Key points to

1. The Department of State is working ‘business as
usual’, and has organised an October sponsors’ meeting,
as they do each year, to review regulations, policies and
procedures for the year ahead.

2. US Camps are still
actively looking for New Zealanders for their 2018 summer,
and are planning their annual visit to Auckland to hire
Kiwis on January 17th 2018.

3. The American Camping
Association (ACA) is mobilised to bring its full and
impressive weight to bear on this situation. ACA President
Tom Rosenburg is currently en-route to Washington ready to
spend the next few days in discussion with White House
officials and other key influencers.

4. Campaigns are in
full swing with Camp Directors, camper families, Employers,
Au Pair families all being encouraged to lobby their local
senators etc.…

White House campaign calls are being

5. The Alliance for International Exchange is an
association dedicated to promoting the growth and impact of
exchange programs. Since 1993, it serves as the collective
public policy voice for now over 90 nongovernmental
organizations comprising the international educational and
cultural exchange community in the United States. The
Alliance increases awareness of the impact of
people-to-people diplomacy.

6. AIFS (parent organisation
of Camp America and Au Pair in America programs) as a member
of the association, and with Bill Gertz President & CEO of
AIFS also currently Chair of the Alliance Board of
Directors, is at the forefront of the strategic response to
this challenge.

IWH was founded in 2001 by Vicki Kenny,
who had established its sister company Nannies Abroad in
1995 after she had returned from her Big OE working as a
nanny, and as a temp while she travelled the world. A
spilled rice pudding and some challenging circumstances
while she was in London working as a live-in nanny convinced
her that there was the need for a specialist service to help
others navigate the potential pitfalls and get the most from
their life changing adventures. Since then Nannies Abroad
and International Working Holidays have helped thousands of
people take off for their Big OE.


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