UK to raise pension age to 68 from 2037 – – Our News, Your Views

The trend of forcing fellow human beings of the non-political class to work until well into their 60s is slowly being adopted by some European countries.

The age at which a person can access the state pension in the UK will be raised over 2 years by 2037. Those people born between April 6th, 1970, and April 5th, 1978 will be affected by the move.

The median life expectancy for a male in the UK is 86, and 89 for a female. While Governments will save millions in withheld pensions for those who do not belong to the elite, thousands will live their later years toiling away, and as many will land in early graves.

Here in Ireland, the age at which people can access the state pension is 66, but will be increased to 67 by 2021, and to 68 by 2028.

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