Upcoming Canadian civic holiday could impact bridges | Local News

Canada Border Services Agency are warning drivers looking to cross the border this weekend to expect traffic delays.

Due to it being a civic holiday weekend in Ontario, drivers may be waiting longer than normal at border crossings.

During high volume periods, travelers are asked to be patient, allow for extra travel time and to follow these tips to cross the border faster:

Plan ahead — Check border wait times using the CanBorder App and cross at the least busy port of entry in the area. Historically, the holidays result in higher than normal volumes; plan your entry during non-peak hours such as early morning. The Monday of holiday long weekends tends to be busiest, plan around it.

Use NEXUS — Members can cross faster by using the Canada-bound NEXUS lanes at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge and at the Whirlpool Bridge, the only dedicated NEXUS crossing.

• Be prepared — Have proper identification for you and everyone in the vehicle, including children, ready to present to the border services officer. Acceptable forms of identification for entry into Canada include a passport, a NEXUS card and an enhanced driver’s license. If you are travelling with children that you either have or share custody of, have copies of all relevant legal documents, such as custody rights, on hand.

Declare — Report all purchases, acquisitions, and/or gifts received when returning to Canada – refer to I Declare on the CBSA website for more information on your personal exemptions including alcohol or tobacco. Keep your receipts readily available including hotel receipts to verify the length of your stay outside Canada.

Know vehicle’s contents — Consult the CBSA’s website for information on firearms and other restricted and prohibited goods. Failure to declare any weapons or firearms in your possession may lead to penalties, including seizure action and prosecution.

If traveling with pets, know that dogs and cats that are three months of age or older need valid signed and dated certificates from a veterinarian verifying vaccinations against rabies. These are usually valid for 1-3 years. Service dogs are exempt when accompanied by their owners.

If camping in Canada or returning from a camping trip, ensure all camping gear, recreational equipment and supplies are clean and free of pests and soil. Firewood cannot be brought into the country because it can introduce invasive species and spread disease to Canada’s trees. Campers should buy firewood on site, burn firewood on site, and leave all unused firewood on site. Consult the CBSA’s website for information on other restricted and prohibited goods.

For more information, visit the CBSA website at or contact the Border Information Service at 1‑800‑461-9999.

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