VIDEO: Pickup truck slams into cars before hitting mobile home

VIDEO: Pickup truck slams into cars before hitting mobile home

SAN ANTONIO – A South Side woman spent the night in the hospital after a pickup truck slammed into her mobile home on Tuesday afternoon. The truck was caught on security camera driving erratically down Southwest Military Drive and slamming into multiple cars before hitting the mobile home.

“I just couldn’t think. I couldn’t think. You’re in a daze. You can’t believe this is happening, but it did,” Steven Aldaco said.

Aldaco was across the street at a convenience store when a pickup truck slammed right into his mobile home. His wife and two young grandchildren were inside the home.

“It threw her roughly about 11 feet more or less,” he said. β€œShe’s bruised up. We’re talking bruises all over her back.”

The youngest grandchild was not hurt, but a TV fell on the older one.

“Can’t seem to understand why it happened or how it happened,” Aldaco said.

Crews spent the day Wednesday trying to lift and repair the mobile home as police continued to investigate what happened. Officers believed the driver of the pickup truck suffered a mental crisis. Police said he injured himself at his home before driving his truck and causing the crashes. He remained in a local hospital. Police said they do not believe charges will be filed.

Click here to help the Aldaco family.

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