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THE old saying “they don’t make them like they used to” is more than applicable when it comes to cars, and there were plenty of fine examples of classic motor vehicles on display at the Grafton Vintage Motor Vehicle Club’s Retro Motorfest this weekend.

The shapes, the sounds, the smells of all the old cars is something that can’t be beaten.

My grandfather had a red 1965 Cortina, and I loved to sit in the back seat of that car whenever we would visit. I can still smell the old leather and the hear sounds of the engine. Even the thud the door made when it was closed was great to hear.

I recently stuck my head inside another old car and the smells and sounds came flooding back to me, like I was a kid again.

I’ve always wondered how people could be so into their cars. I used to think they were just a way of getting from A to B, and the nicer the car the better the journey.

However looking at the old classics, it’s hard not to be into it. They’re marvellous pieces of engineering, machines that have a story and history that’s worth the time, effort and money keeping alive.

My grandfather doesn’t have the old Cortina any more, but maybe one day I’ll be able to find myself a a classic, shine it up and proudly display it.

They really don’t make them like they used to.

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