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Cars driving on an icy road should always take more precautions when driving.

It can be much easier to slip off the road when the brakes have no traction.

A recent video shows the moment that numerous cars fail to do this and end up all skidding out of control.

Luckily the slow speed seems to have prevented any serious damage.

The video shows the moment one car drives into two parked lorries, seemingly unable to brake.

However, a second car then seems to have the same problem, although at a much slower speed and crashes into that car.

A third car tries to turn away but it too slides into the crashed cars at a sideways angle.

Finally, a bright yellow car does the same thing and gently comes to a halt within the car pile up.

Imgur users were not very sympathetic.

One wrote: “Slow down on ice dummies, really slow, or chains, studs or stay home.”

Others understood the problems of spotting ice on the road.

They commented: “To all the people saying “slow down on icy roads” that’s what makes black ice so dangerous, you have no idea there’s even ice there.”


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