Wayne Rooney to pregnant wife Coleen: Reduce your holidays, I’ll cut my nights out


Under pressure after his drink driving episode, Rooney asks Coleen to cut her international getaways if she wants him to reduce his outings with pals

Coleen Rooney

England footballer Wayne Rooney’s marriage may be on the rocks after his arrest for drink driving in a female office colleague Laura Simpson’s car recently while wife pregnant Coleen was away with their kids on holiday.

However, instead of the former England captain being nervous about his future, he has, in fact, counter-attacked, in a way. According to British tabloid, The Sun, Wayne has offered to cut down on his alcohol and nights out with the boys, on the condition that Coleen reduces her expensive international holidays.

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney

“Wayne has pointed the finger at Coleen over the number of holidays she takes and she has raised the questions about his nights out with the lads,” a source told The Sun.

Coleen has had as many as 10 international holidays in the last year or so, and was in Majorca with the couple’s three sons when a drunk Rooney was arrested in Cheshire recently. And the striker is blaming her distance for his inebriated ways.

The source added: “Wayne has told Coleen that he’s willing to stop going out if she will stay with him. In the end. it’ll need some give and take on both sides to get everything back to normal.”

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