‘We make £1,000s by renting out our cameras and cars online’

His car insurance for each car costs £500 in the first year and £400 in the second; he expects the cost to fall to £380 in the third year. However, he is looking into more specialist policies, which may take into account the fact that he owns five cars he hardly drives, to reduce the cost.

EasyCar Club covers your car while it’s hired out so it doesn’t affect your own policy.

Mr Mulvey said that while he hadn’t had any nightmares, he had rented to people who he wouldn’t rent to again, such as the man who took the car camping and returned it with muddy wheels.

He said: “You’re supposed to return the vehicles in the state you got them and I clean them every week. It’s not some hire car, it’s my car.”

Another website, Storemates, connects people with secure space in their homes with those who need somewhere to leave their belongings. 

The returns aren’t huge – an attic space in a home in Manchester was listed on Storemates for £31.73 a week and the site takes a 15pc cut. Users can earn between £1,000 and £4,000 a year, depending on how much space they have. Both parties are covered for up to £10,000 in case things go wrong.

YourDriveway enables consumers to rent out their drive, garage or parking space.

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