Which type of holidaymaker are you?

When it comes to holidays we all like different things. There are many types of holiday makers – the question is are you an Adventurer, a Sun Worshipper and City Break lover or something else? We’ve taken some of the traditional holiday types and judged if they’re more suited to sea or street.

The Explorer

This type of traveller enjoys more than just discovering new locations. From art galleries and museums to small coffee shops and opera houses, you’re someone who loves backpacking holidays, visiting new places daily and overall spending endless time travelling. You follow your own holiday plan and you’re more than happy to spend your night in a hostel or camping in a field somewhere. Both

The Culture Vulture

For the academics among us. You take educational holidays where you’re looking to learn a new language, uncover some history or just to simply understand a culture. You will go anywhere to discover something new. City Break

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The Sun Worshipper

You love nothing more than soaking up the rays of sunshine by the pool. Every year you will jet off to somewhere nice and hot such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Southeast Asia and spend your entire holiday tanning yourself until the sun goes in and you have to return to your hotel – and count down the hours until the next morning. BEACH

P&O cruise balcony

The man/woman about town

City breaks are your absolute favourite; you would much prefer to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing in New York, London or Paris rather than sit on a beach somewhere. You are not one for week-long holidays aboard every year, but a handful of city breaks to Madrid, Athens or Krakow suits you perfectly. City Break

Shangri-La_Hotel_View City Break

The Old Reliable

You are the most predictable holidaymaker going. You go to the same place year in, year out, the same hotel and same restaurants – maybe even the same room. You’re a creature of habit and you’re not afraid to admit it, but at least you know that your holiday will be great, and the guy who owns that bar or that shop will be friendly – unlike those who step into the unknown. Both

P&O cruise balcony

The Bargain Hunter

Hotels at unbelievably low prices? That’s you! You will look for the best prices anywhere you go and will stretch your holiday money as far as you possibly can. You’re not averse to staying in a hostel if needs be, and you avoid public transport unless absolutely essential as walking is far more productive. Perhaps you visit at the cheapest times of the year, and why bother going to the priciest restaurants when there’s a little café on that street corner where the food is just as nice? Both

Lisbon travel guide city break

The Organiser         

Every single day – or maybe hour – of your holiday is planned out. You’re up at the crack of dawn grabbing the best sunbeds and being the first in line for breakfast while perusing timetables, opening hours and online discounts. To others, this might sound like their idea of hell, but for you it’s the perfect operation. You have printed out duplicate copies of the itinerary and everything is ordered to help you have the stress-free and ordered holiday you desire. Both

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona Review

The Escapist

An escapist is one who embraces all the secluded and remote areas of the world. You take trips to get away from the tourist categories and spend the time relaxing. You go to relax in peaceful surroundings; perhaps you’ll be found in a Thai jungle, a quiet village somewhere in rural France or a beach hut in Bora Bora: basically anywhere without lots of people. Beach


Which type of holidaymaker are you? Let us know in the comment box below…

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