Who cares? Trucks, cars block promenades, pavements…

Updated 10.45am with more pictures

The driver of a soft drinks truck found a novel way to deliver his crates without disrupting the traffic: he parked across the pavement on one of Malta’s busiest promenades.

Pedestrians walking on the Sliema front, just by it-Torri, in the early morning found their way blocked but the driver was unrepentant, shrugging and claiming that no one had ever complained before.

However, Sliema resident Didi Lowell, who posted this photo on Facebook, said it was a shame that this ‘not my problem’ attitude had become so prevalent.

In a reaction, GSD Marketing Ltd thanked the public who brought this incident to its attention and extends its sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by the behaviour of one of its employees. 

“The company will take all the necessary actions to ensure that such incidents will not re-occur and that its representatives carry out their duties without causing any inconvenience.”

In another incident yesterday, a van was pictured completely blocking the Mġarr bypass cycle lane. A reader said he was forced onto the carriageway because of the vehicle blocking access. 

He claimed this is not the first time that vehicles completely blocked the pedestrian and cycle lane on the busy road. 

Several pictures of illegally-parked vehicles were sent to Times of Malta this morning with readers claiming that reports to the authorities were often ignored. 

Cars blocking the pavement next to Park Towers.Cars blocking the pavement next to Park Towers.

“When wardens do approach illegally-parked cars they are usually met by the vehicle’s owner who comes up with an excuse gets away with it. I have seen police walking along the promenade and do nothing. Good luck if somebody has a pram or is wheelchair bound,” said another reader who sent pictures of illegally-parked cars next to Sliema’s Park Towers.

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