Why Coloring Book Day Is The Most Creative Holiday In August And How You Can Celebrate [Opinion]

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day and its one of August’s most popular holidays. August doesn’t have any national holidays but does have many special days of observance. Coloring Book Day is one of those special holidays. On Coloring Book Day people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds enjoy this artistic and creative pastime. Here are some resources, freebies, and ideas that will help you celebrate Coloring Book Day.

Dover books launched Coloring Book Day as a way for the young and old to relax and color. The holiday is observed every August 2. Many people color their favorite pictures in their homes while others meet in groups and engage in a coloring party. You can find more information at the official Dover Coloring Book Day site.

Coloring books come in a wide array of styles, designs, and patterns. Many people enjoy coloring as a form of relaxation. Its easy to daydream or let the mind wander when coloring. This has helped make coloring a popular adult activity. Those who enjoy coloring’s inherent relaxation properties may want to use meditative designs. You can find coloring books designed for all interests, ages, and skill levels.

Adult coloring books differ in many ways from children’s books. Children’s coloring books may use larger pictures based on simple designs. Adult coloring books typically feature intricate patterns with adult themes. It isn’t uncommon to find adult coloring books that would be classified as R-rated. The differences between coloring books for children and adults aren’t limited to content. There are other differences.

Adult coloring usually involves high-quality colored pencils, markers, watercolor pens, and durable paper. Many adult coloring books are made from acid-free paper to prevent bleed through. Though adults are free to choose any medium they prefer, many choose specialty paper, pencils, pens and more to ensure the best results.

Unlike crayons, professional quality art tools such as colored pencils allow the artist to blend colors for a unique finished picture. Those who want to color with markers should test the markers first to make certain the colors stay and do not bleed through the paper.

Are you going to celebrate National Coloring Book day? Will you color alone or join a coloring book party? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions below.

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