Wiener rides: CTA transforms cars to Wienermobiles this month

Oh, you want to ride an Oscar Mayer wiener? If that’s what you truly wish to do, Oscar Mayer and the CTA are making that desire a reality this summer—although these Weinermobiles will take to the tracks instead of the streets.

“L” cars on the Blue and Brown lines will get the hot-dog treatment starting this week, as Oscar Mayer transforms train cars into elevated Wienermobiles for the first time in any city. Select cars on each of the two lines will get a complete exterior wrap job to make them look exactly like the iconic Wiener car, although the interior will be the CTA cars we all know and love/hate (you don’t want to know what’s inside a hot dog anyway, right?).

Unlike the CTA’s popular Holiday Train, there’s no set schedule for the Wienermobile cars, so if you want to hitch a ride on a hot dog, you’ll have to hit the Blue or Brown lines and simply hope for the best. Don’t worry though, because you should have some time to fulfill your childhood dream: the cars are set to run until September.

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