Will China and Russia support oil sanctions on North Korea? Experts are skeptical

A defiant North Korea warned on Monday that the “blood-thirsty” U.S. will pay a “due price” for leading the drive for a U.N. resolution on additional sanctions on the East Asian nation, state news agency KCNA reported.

Choi said the international community should do more than just rely on U.N. Security Council resolutions to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

“Maybe this time we have to think about a coalition of like-minded countries (coming together) to enforce tougher sanctions,” he said.

Meanwhile, if North Korea does want to negotiate, it has to make some “meaningful concession” and not keep “cheating” on international sanctions, added Kelly.

“The North Koreans don’t enjoy a lot of strategic trust, which is why we don’t have dialogue: Because nobody thinks that going to the table with them is actually worthwhile anymore. We need to see something from North Korea (proving) that they are going to follow through this time and not more ‘talk is cheap’ posturing,” Kelly said.

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