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Womans Facing Felony Charges For Stolen Credit Cards, Loans :

A Cantonment woman is facing multiple felony counts for using credit and debit cards belonging to her best friend and her mother-in-law, and using fraudulent information to apply for loans.

Mims allegedly made 12 charges totaling just over $625 to the female victim’s credit card. Mims also allegedly changed account information on the credit card to her home address while maintaining the victim’s name on the account.

The second victim reported that her Mim, her daughter-in-law, had used her debit card to make $212.90 worth of charges at Apple iTunes for “cherries” for the “Bingo Pop” game.

Mims also was accused of obtaining loans in the names of both victims.

Mims’ estranged husband told deputies that his wife has a drug problem and that she had opened several fraudulent accounts and “payday” type loans under his name.

Mims was charged with two counts of fraudulent use of credit cards, possession of personal information with intent to use, criminal use of personal information, communications fraud and petit theft. She was released from the Escambia County Jail on a $4,500 bond.

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