Yob heard laughing while smashing cars on Lincolnshire street

A homeowner was woken to the sound of ‘cracking glass’ as a yob went on a car smashing spree in a Boston street.

People could be heard laughing as they ran down the road kicking wing mirrors off of a number of cars parked along Browns Road at around 4.20am on Saturday, September 16.

Motorists along the road woke up this morning to find parts of their car smashed by the vandals.

The homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, called their actions ridiculous.

One motorist attempted to fix their mirror with tape

She said: “I was woken at this morning by glass cracking.

“When I looked out my window I couldn’t see anything but I could hear someone laughing.

“I could hear feet running along and kicking off all the wing mirrors off several cars along Browns Road.

“The person sounded like a male and came from the direction of Winston Gardens and headed towards Hospital Lane.

“The damage to the cars this morning is ridiculous.”

She went on to warn residents to remain vigilant.

Pictures of the damage show wing mirrors hanging off cars, often scratched or cracked.

The damage has been called ridiculous by a resident
The damage has been called ridiculous by a resident

But this isn’t the first she has been woken up in the middle of the night to find bizarre goings on along in her street.

“I was woken at 1am by a lady going through my bins!”, she said of an incident in the past.

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