Yom Kippur History: Why Is Yom Kippur Celebrated?


What is the Yom Kippur history and why is it celebrated today?

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If you don’t know, Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday that starts later today. The holiday lasts for roughly one day, which will have it ending tomorrow evening. During this time, members of the Jewish faith fast and take part in prayer.

There’s also a bit of difference between Yom Kippur and other holidays. For example, it doesn’t always land on the same day every year. This is because it take place during the month of Tishrei. This can have it falling on a day in September or October.

The Yom Kippur holiday is an old one that has been around since biblical times. It is mentioned on three separate occasions in the Torah. One of these passages refer to it as Shabbat Shabbaton. This translates to “a Sabbath of complete rest.”

The Yom Kippur history is directly connected to the Temple in Jerusalem. According to, the holiday’s origins have to do with the purifying of this temple. This act was performed by a high priest that made complex sacrifices to atone for the sins of the Israelite people.

The Yom Kippur history also includes the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. A second part to the holiday references this by having people of the Jewish faith putting their focus on atonement. This and the fasting go together to have the participants work toward denying themselves and connecting more with the spirit.

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