Your cellphone may be causing you anxiety, experts warn Video

  • Now Playing: Phantom Phone Vibrations

  • Now Playing: The Dangers of Searching for a Missing Cell Phone

  • Now Playing: Amazon is hiring

  • Now Playing: Apple factories to be built in the US

  • Now Playing: Three Square Market becomes the 1st American company to implant employees with microchips

  • Now Playing: Company offers to implant microchips in employees

  • Now Playing: Microsoft to keep Paint program after ‘outpouring of support’

  • Now Playing: ‘FruitFly’ infecting Mac computers

  • Now Playing: Woman pleads guilty to negligent homicide in the death of her fiance during a 2015 kayaking trip

  • Now Playing: Tech companies spend millions on lobbying

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk teases New York-to-DC hyperloop

  • Now Playing: Sears to sell Kenmore, Alexa-enabled appliances on Amazon

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk announces New York to Washington Hyperloop plan

  • Now Playing: Uber adds tipping feature

  • Now Playing: HBO experiences website issues during season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’

  • Now Playing: Net neutrality fight continues

  • Now Playing: Federal regulators oppose merger of FanDuel and DraftKings

  • Now Playing: NASA is testing the crew exit strategy for the Orion capsule

  • Now Playing: NASA spacecraft shows new images of Jupiter

  • Now Playing: Verizon confirms data breach

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