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The Big Picture

  • Silver Haze
    is a fiery romantic drama filled with revenge and passion, showcasing a plot that takes unexpected twists and turns.
  • Viewers are introduced to leading characters Franky and Florence, who embark on a revenge mission that challenges societal norms and personal traumas.
  • Directed by Sacha Polak,
    Silver Haze
    features breakout performances from Vicky Knight and Esmé Creed-Miles, offering a fresh take on love and healing.

There’s no turning back now in an exclusive to Collider clip for Sacha Polak’s upcoming romantic drama, Silver Haze. The flames are about to blaze in this film about revenge and passion — and we don’t just mean in the metaphorical sense. In the sneak peek, viewers are introduced to the leading characters, Franky (Vicky Knight) and Florence (Esmé Creed-Miles), as they collect the supplies needed to carry out their fiery plot. First looking for lighter fluid at a corner store, the pair end up shifting their focus to some good ol’ fashioned gasoline before heading to their main target – a home on a quiet suburban street. With a Molotov cocktail in hand, Franky fully commits to her plan, hurling the bottle through the home’s front window.

Before the young women got to this point, they met under interesting circumstances as Franky was Florence’s nurse. Searching for the perfect man to accompany her through all of life’s ups and downs, Franky never expected to find all of those qualities in a woman and swiftly falls for Florence. Sadly, Franky’s loved ones are anything but accepting of her budding romance, so the pair travel to the coast of England to stay with Florence’s much more open family. Even with everything she’s ever wanted in her grasp, Franky can’t stop thinking about a traumatic incident from her past that shaped the course of her life. With her sights set on revenge, Franky steps into herself and takes healing into her own hands.

The production is the latest to come from Polak, whose 2019 film Dirty God was a big hit with critics. It also marked the first time the filmmaker worked with Knight, who would nab a BAFTA Breakthrough Brits award for her portrayal of a burn victim in what served as her feature-length debut. Polak also worked alongside Silver Haze’s other leading lady, Creed-Miles, on Prime Video’s spy drama, Hanna, where the actress appeared as the titular character in the three-season-running series.

When Does ‘Silver Haze’ Come Out, And Where Is It Screening?

Having celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival back in February 2023, Silver Haze officially made its theatrical debut on March 1. If the feature isn’t showing in your neck of the woods, you can catch the Dark Star Pictures title on demand beginning on March 12.

Check out our explosively exclusive clip for Silver Haze above.

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