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Silver Centrums in Granblue Fantasy: Relink are some of the most used item in the game. They’re required for many final step weapon uncaps and multiple are required for Weapon Awakening. Because of this, even raising multiple characters can become a large undertaking as the Silver Centrum economy starts to run thin. In this guide, we’ll tell you the best place to farm Silver Centrums as well as other means of obtaining this coveted item!

Where to Farm Silver Centrums

The most unfortunate part about this guide will be the bad news, but currently there is no quest with 100% Silver Centrum drop rate, meaning no matter what you do you’ll have to be on a long grind. Silver Centrums also do not drop from Extreme Quests, meaning utilizing Full Auto won’t be an effective bypass either.

In order to target Silver Centrums, your best bet are from Maniac and Proud difficulty quests. Your best bet will always be to target the quests you can farm the quickest to get Silver Centrum drops, but drops aren’t the only way to get Silver Centrums. Barring some in-game trophies and some sidequests, since those are one-time rewards only, an alternative way to get Silver Centrums is through Sierokarte’s Treasure Trade.

Sierokarte will offer multiple different methods of trading for Silver Centrums for a hefty amount of materials. So far, our favorite ways to target Silver Centrums with this method is to do the Maniac difficulty quest I See A Chromatic Vision or to alternate between the Maniac difficulty quests I See a Grim Vision and Throw a Smith a Bone.

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