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What Not to Wear When Flying According to Experts

When you’re hitting the road or taking to the skies, comfort plays a role in your overall experience. Your travel outfit can make or break the entire adventure, be it a long-haul flight or a quick getaway. Knowing what not to wear can be as important as nailing your travel style. Helping you save time and effort while ensuring a smoother travel experience.

Best Life, a lifestyle website, teamed up with style and health experts to compile a list of clothing items you shouldn’t wear on a plane.

Clothing items to avoid on an airplane

Based on insights from one of their experts, avoiding wearing tight pants, including stiff or slim-cut jeans, is suggested when flying. They point out that these types of pants can restrict your movement and make you uncomfortable, especially if you tend to feel a bit bloated while traveling. Instead, they recommend opting for clothing that provides a bit more flexibility to accommodate your movement and enhance your overall comfort.

Another finding in their research recommends avoiding high heels, lace-up boots, or shoes with multiple straps and buckles. They might make a fashion statement, but their experts said that when it comes to dealing with security lines and squeezing through the airplane aisle, they can be more trouble than they’re worth.

One of their practical recommendations helps travelers avoid discomfort and inconveniences when using an airplane restroom. The suggestion is to avoid wearing clothing items that are challenging to put on and remove, like rompers or tightly fitted dresses.

While some people travel in flip-flops, one of their experts says to avoid it. Several reasons are cited, such as the potential for cold feet during the flight or the risk of someone inadvertently stepping on your toes as they navigate the airplane aisle. A significant factor they pointed out is that if you don’t possess TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, you’ll need to remove your shoes, resulting in having to walk barefoot on the airport floor.

If you’re curious about other clothing items you shouldn’t wear on a plane, you can find the complete list here.

9 Things I Refuse To Travel Without

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But realistically, traveling, whether alone or not, can still be stressful. I’m constantly worried about my packing situation. Did I pack enough, did I forget my charger, do I have my meds and vitamins, etc? But the more I travel the more products I’ve found that actually have made my life a million times easier.  

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