Franklin County residents getting first-half real estate tax bills

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – Franklin County residents will get their real estate tax bills this week for the first half of 2022.

In response to requests to “reduce the burden of paying all annual real estate taxes during the December holiday season, the Franklin County Board of Supervisors, following a public hearing in March 2020, approved going to twice per year tax collection on real estate for the 2022 calendar year,” according to the county.

The first half of residents’ real estate taxes will now be due June 6 and the other half will be due December 5.

Bills for the first half of the 2022 real estate tax will arrive in county landowners’ mailboxes this week. If your real estate taxes are to be paid by your bank or mortgage company, the tax statement will be mailed there.

The county says as long as taxes are paid on time, the total amount due in calendar year 2022 will not change; it will simply be divided into two equal payments. If, however, real estate taxes are not paid by the June 6 deadline, penalties and interest will apply.

The county reminds taxpayers there are resources available to assist residents with questions:

Landowners can go to the county website for information and answers to frequently asked questions. Residents with questions about payment of their bills can contact the Franklin County Treasurer’s Office at (540) 483-3078. If they have questions about their assessments, they can contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office at (540) 483-3083.

Twice-a-year payments are only required for real estate taxes, according to the county. Taxes on personal property will continue to be due December 5.

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